Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bangalore to Kanyakumari

Went straight down - via Salem - Madurai - Tirunelveli. Original plan was to cycle down to Chennai and then trace the cost via pondycherry - but leave days got reduced .

Overall a nice and luxurious ride –total of around 750 km – over 6 days - average 125 per day – overall down gradient – light tail winds – cool air – intermittent drizzle – 4 lane highway with a wide shoulder.



D1: Blr to Krishnagiri – 90 km

8.40 am to 4 pm (check out to check in time including time taken to locate accommodation) – cruising at 18 kmph. lots of breaks due to seat height and other adjustments.

easy ride – 60% effort levels

steep down gradient from hosur onwards- must be around a 30% dn.


24122009(012) cyc at kk

D2: Krishnagiri to Salem  - 110 km

8 am to 5 pm (check out to check in )  – cruising at 15 kmph – wind neutral to diagonal tail.

easy ride – 50% effort – mostly down gradient – seemed like an overall 15% down.



D3: Salem to Karur – 100 km

7.45 am to 4.30 pm p- easy ride – mostly down gradient 7% – 60% effort levels.

D4 : Karur to Madurai – 130 km

7-45 to 6.30 pm – 13 kmph cruising – easy ride – down gradient – last 50 km there was a strong tail wind, cool air and light drizzle - 60% effort levels


D5 : Madurai to Tirunelveli – 140 km

6.45 am to 5.45 pm (check in to check out time).  16 kmph cruising. overall a 10% dn with cool air, intermittent drizzle and light tail. easy ride – 65% effort levels

D6: Tirunelveli – Kanyakumari  -Trivandrum – 180 km

6.45 am to 9.30 am – time lost due to roaming around in kanyakumari / valve breakdown / night riding rigging up / chain cleaning for sand clogging

overall 15 kmph cruising. Tirunelveli to Kanyakumari was a down gradient 7% with strong tail wind – crusing at 20 kmph .  Kanyakumari to Trivandrum was a tough road – two lane – no shoulder – heavy traffic-rolling terrain with overall 15% up gradient.

effort levels at 80% – mostly due to taking a shortcut on meals initially.



Anonymous said...

The fact that you are achieving all this with a very basic heavy single speed bike is really appreciated. But from the photo I felt that your seat angle is tilted nose up ! If what I noticed is correct then you could be facing impotency and/or E.D soon, if not already ! Please ignore if my observation is false.

Mallik said...

awesome ride! i recently acquired Hero Jet. Initially I had put the seat flat. but soon realized that I wasn't very comfortable. then pointed it upwards and it felt very comfortable.
it does not hurt anywhere after riding long distance.

Mallik said...

also try leather seat. its very comfortable.

Vivek said...


Its amazing to travel on a single gear bike.. your efforts are much appreciated !

A live journal of our life together for future reference said...

awesome feat man!

do you have by any chance gps data of your ride?

-- aneeskA

Mayank Tripathi said...