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BJ19 - Day 19 - Wed June 2 - Udaipur to Chittaur(garh)

BJ19 - Day 19 - Wed June 2 - Udaipur to Chittaur(garh)

9.30 am/6.00pm/6.45 pm/115/18/50%/2095 /8L /35-39-41-43

nice and easy ride

slept till 8am - 9 hrs- like a log - at ac 30 - felt cud sleep
another 9 - decided to catch up on sleep - also the route going
forward wud be easy - flat/ decline with cross/tail - good desicion -
took an hour to get out of sleep mode after riding - but very
refreshed - made for an easy ride - might do the same tomm also

flat/ decline road - good road - 4 lanes with good shldr - rode in the
other side shldr for a little while - makes more sense and safer too -
in any case the sholdr acts as a two way lane for two wheelers

dry landscape - farms on both sides - food bottled water there -
except for karnataka and tamilnadu, branded water available
selectively or in larger towns - regular trucker type dhabas only in
rajasthan - no family dhabas - a little less cleaner than the gujrat
ones - the trucker dhabas are pretty neat and clean,as they always
are, but the small eatries in city and towns are real bad

overall the difference in prosperity levels of states is stark

wind was cross in the beg. and turned tail in2nd half - made for easy
and fast ride - wind direction seems to have changed - seems to be
south to north now - need to see if that continues tomm also

stopped at a dhaba for lunch - roto and subji - prepared from zero -
break became almost an hour - got some packed for next meal - turned
out to be a good idea - had that in a shaded structure - chatted with
the villagers - usual que

was the only one at that dhaba - delibrately chosen as such - clean
one - had a semi nap in the khatia - decent guy - seems to live with
a 5 yr kid - cute kid - was helping dad by serving - poor folks -
cloth torn - charged 50 for 2 plates of veg and 6 chapatis - shud hv
given more - had fridge - must be full of beer - all dhabas have them
- the wine shops and also the slightly bigger kirna stores on highway
have iron grillings

had restocked munchy bag with orange juice and buttermilk for
rerhydration and potass - glucose bikis - yesterday had bot half kg of
tomatoes and finished them on the way - carrying 3-4 kg extra wt due
to munchy bag, electral, petroleum jelly - but dont feel it

ralco nylons really good - didnt know there was so much specialization
in tyres for the reguar cycles - very minor wear and tear till now -
using with hard inflation - saw only a single minor bruise - hope it
holds thru for the next few days - keep cleaning regularly esp for
glass / nails - glass and pebbles make no diff - not able to cut thru
- good one from gulabchand - genetic cycle mechanics

butt abrsaion totally ok by morning - used vaseline mixed with calend
midway also - all the rest of aches and pains also ok - a strange
pain in rt index finger joint for past few days - feels like a
ligament sprain - light one - wonder how that came about

chittaur has a 7km entry - but the same route later goes and
reconnects to the highway - the fort is visible from the entry point
- really long fort - seems to have been well preserved too

hotel padmini - right near the exit point - on highway - ac 1800 -
negotd for 20% discount - on phone, before going in - for direct
approach and offseason - wonder why didnt do that for others esp the
listed ones - good place - lavish feel - good cook - made real nice
alu matar and shahi and shahi paneer - low ghee as i had requested -
the place must have 50 plus rooms - prob only one or two other folks
- thats the case for most of the places that are not right in the city02062010 01062010(032) 01062010(031) 01062010(030) 01062010(029) 01062010(028) 01062010(023) 01062010(019) 01062010(018) 01062010(017) 01062010(011) 01062010(010) 01062010(009) 01062010(008) 01062010(005) 01062010(004) 01062010(003) 01062010(002) 01062010(001)

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