Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BJ18 - Day 18 - Tue June 1 - Ratanpur to Udaipur

                  BJ18 - Day 18 - Tue June 1 - Ratanpur
to Udaipur

6.30 am/5.30pm/5.45 pm/120/12/70%/1980 /10L /30-39-41-43

a tough and beautiful ride - straddling the mewar hiils all through

terrain was hilly starting right from ratanpur to udaipur - all the
120km of it- the road goes right through the mewar hills - lots of
ups and downs - mini ghats all the way - fairly tough - small
hilltops though ensure that there are not very many steeps

different type of hill range - all small hilltops - almost every
hilltop has a hut at top - arid - thorny trees - nice and very dif31052010(028)31052010(027)

good road - 4 lane but with decent and well marked shldr - water 31052010(023)and31052010(022)
food easy - low traffic31052010(021)

cross / head wind throughout

met a cyclo yatri - hindu muslim peace - on road for 6 mths -
travelled through kerala, bangalore - going to ajmer - carrying whole
household - gave some money for yatra - seemed to be enjoying 31052010(020)the beer
being available in rajasthan - depends on alms - must be doing 30 31052010(019)km31052010(016)
per day

strange phenomenon on this patch - especially prominent in some
patches - decline and tail wind but cycle doesnt move - feels like
incline - almost as if somebody trying to hold it back - checked
cycle a few times - then realized trucks also slow - while the the
fully laden trucks from other side going up the incline and with 31052010(015)head31052010(013)
wind going faster - very strange - took a video for later viewing

average food througout - relaxed on the khatia at dhabas during break31052010(012)
-felt like a tea shoop/ food shop almost every corner

sleep not good - tweaking around with ac - think hv got it right
hopefully - keeping temp at 30

right knee slightly strained - shud be ok by tomm - severe butt
abrasion due to intense ride - shud have used vaselind midway also -
doing strong vaseline plus calendula trtmt - should be partly ok by
tomm - the ride onwards is full plains so shud be manageable31052010(011)

hotel gajraj - ac 1100 - good place -marble flooring

went out in eve to buy supplies/ munchies

tomorrow towards chittoragarh - went the wrong way while choosing
hotel - will need to backtrack a few kms tomm - nh8 is not golden for
the ajmer stretch - nh76 and nh79 - udaipur to chittaoragarh to ajmer31052010(010)
are golden - nh8 becomes golden again from ajmer to jaipur to delhi -
increases the journey by a day - but supposed to be good roads31052010(009)31052010(005)

-- 31052010(001)31052010(003)
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