Thursday, June 3, 2010

BJ20 - Day 20 - Thurs June 3 - Chittaur(garh) to Bhilwara

BJ20 - Day 20 - Thurs June 3 - Chittaur(garh) to Bhilwara

10.15 am/5.45pm/6.00pm/75/14/60%/2175 /6L /35-40-41-42

a day of light rides and rest02062010(005)

not good sleep - got sleep early morning - didt feel rested - took a
nap break at bhilwara - started again at 4.45 - felt refreshed - tyre
air low - possible light puncture - filled air to check out- target
was bijainagar, 55 km away - was banking on light tail - wind was diag
head - low speed - wud hv become nighfall - halted at a highway hotel
20 km from bhilwara

lots of temples and mosques in and around chittaur / bhilwara

road good - cross wind / diag head

have been flat roads from udaipur onwards02062010(004)

tyre air gone - cycle shop nearby - got tube changed - used a new tube
from the shop - not using the backup original atas i had - the
mechanic gave a logic about valve type and showed the diff also -
moulded valve vs hand assembled - moulded better and used by farmers
to carry heavy load - not convinced but dont mind experimenting - the
bruise in the tyre seems to be having an impact - hope it holds for
another 2 days02062010(003)

cycling towards ajmer tomm - will take a break near arounds ajmer



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Gone through your blog.What an incredible blog.Just few grammatical errors.Read Wren and Martin.
Waise I want to buy ur legendary bicycle.Have you heard of OLX??((YAHAN SAB BIKTA HAI )