Friday, June 4, 2010

BJ21 - Day 21 - Fri June 4 - Bhilwara to Kishangadh (Ajmer)

BJ21 - Day 21 - Fri June 4 - Bhilwara to Kishangadh

6 am/9 pm/9.16pm/140/12/60%/2315 /10L /30-41-41-43

a tough day and a great evening ride

slept well - refreshed - saw low air in rear tyre - pumped - went for
7km before a flat - one puncture - repaired - glass shards had
penetrated the tyre bruise - as soon as i put back the tyre, heard a
hiss - 2nd puncture - repaired - as soon as i out that back, againd
heard a hiss - changed tube with backup - as soon as i assembeled the
rear assembly, heard the deadly hiss again - 1.5 hours lost - walked
to raila 5 km away - got the rear tyre changed and and small puncture
repaired - saw a small thorn in front tyre while checking - as soon as
i took that out, the hiss started - got that also repaired - new tyres
are nylon and wide treads, so small pebbles and glass dont stick in -
finally started the ride at 11 am

absorbed heat wile sitting and doing nothing - my heat loss works the
best when cycling - could sense heat loss issue - for the next 2 hours
took bell6, electral water, low speed and frequent tea and rest breaks
- heat loss got activated just in time for the peak heat cycle - in
rajasthan its short and hard from 1.30 to 3.30 before starting to go
down - heat loss was in peak shape then and all ok

the first 90 odd km till nasirabad was strong cross wind - had to
sailboat - at times it was so strong that got the feeling that it
might sweep off - at one point had to get down and walk due to strong
cross - the wind had turned warm by 3pm, just like the gadak ride but
gadak was far hotter03062010(005)

the best patch was the last 35 odd km of the ajmer bypass - starting
6.30 pm - beautiful patch - temp had gone down to 37 approx - nice
sunset - arid landscape with intermittant sand - a few hilltops on
either side and front but far away - a charming feeling

thot will find acco on the bypass but didnt find anthing good - rigged
up for night ride at 7.30 - nightfall began by 7.45 and dark only by 8
- nice road - nice shoulder - medium traffic and slow moving - very
comfortable - entered city outskirts at 8 - 7km ride to city centere -
enquired about hotels - very comfortable night ride into city too -
had a very safe feeling about kishangadh - people also friendly and
and more cultured - very less staring compared to other small cities

overall have found truckers to be pretty disciplined - maintain a
steady line and speed and honk a lot - especially the very long trucks
and those carrying protruding stuff almost always honk even if safe
margin - had changed the direction of my cycle pump some ten days
back - so that the rear end is visible from behind - looks like the
back of a sten gun - found a perceptible difference in the margin
being kept by truckers - seen them change lanes also, not happening
earlier - not sure if real or imagined but have been getting a far
greater margin frm truckers - riskiest are cars - cut close,
abberrant speeds , come on to shoulder while overtaking and dont even

overall flat roads - some rolling a little before nasirabad - terrain
getting more barren - more sand - difficult to find roadside shady
trees - intermittant farms - farmers seem to have bought in soil from
outside - boundries made with sand dunes, cactus trees , broken down
thorny branches

numerous dhabas - look dingy from outside but neat and clean - good
food - branded bottled water available only intermittantly -used to
stock 3-4 liters at a time

the last 70 odd kms were full of vehicle cleaning shops - small shacks
- with watert compressor - dirty shabby kids hanging arounds
soliciting truckers to stopa and get veh cleaned up - never saw so
many cleaning shops as today - all kids looked full of major enthu

saw 3 nanos with an escort vehicle - with sign painted over of the
great Indian ride - door had the map painted - seem to be doing a
circular route in central India

keep seeing lot of enfield motorcyclisy throughout the tour, with lots
of gear - like on a long road trip

had kept up a strong food and water discipline - having food every
hour - either at dhaba or from munchy bag - starting to keep one set
of packed lunch from dhaba - chana masala from afternoon didnt smell
right - threw away - had chapati and water and then chapatio and tea -
well refreshed even at ride end - ordered food immedietly at
receptionand went out to restock munchy bag for tomm

hotel aarjav palace - ac 600 - nothing fancy but neat and clean -
nice hotel folks - decent and cultured - lies on main road connecting
to highway 6km away

tomm wud be jaipur - shud be a comfortable 100 km to jaipur railway
station - expecting tail winds as road direction is west to east -
winds throughout have been fairly consisent west to east too - hope
the tyre/ tubes hold up - but enough buffer even if replacement to be
done - can also feel a bad stomach bug starting to build up - hope it
holds for a day


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