Saturday, June 5, 2010

BJ22 - Day 22 - Sat June 5 - Kishangadh (Ajmer) to Jaipur

BJ22 - Day 22 - Sat June 5 - Kishangadh (Ajmer) to Jaipur

7 am/12.30 pm/12.30 pm/105/23/30%/2420 /5L /30-37-39-40

A nice and easy end to a great tour04062010(002)

tail wind, light decline and cloud cover made for an easy ride into
Jaipur - pretty much just sat and pointed the handlebar in the right
direction - fast paced cruising - resisted temptation to just sprint
the whole way - need get a good fix on low co2 issue

excellent roads - 6 lanes and good shoulder - food and branded water
easily available04062010(001)

good sleep - was refreshed - kept up good food and water discipline -
had restocked the munchy bad the night before

had an evening flight booked from delhi, amongst a few other
combinations - decided to dismantale cycle and take all the parts on
the flight, except the frame, which was anyways bent - cycled to the
bus stop - booked a taxi - dismantled the cycle with the help of a
nearby cyclewallah - wrapped that up in a double bedsheeet picked up
from a shop in the city while riding in

the jaipur delhi road is a bad one - 4 lane and lot of traffic
congestion - work going on to make it 3 lane with a service road - the
road journey took a little over 5 hours with a bit of speeding up by
the driver towards the end

just landed in bangalore - temp 25 - feels like a hill station - all
paramaters fine - no aches pains bruises - feeling nice and refreshed


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