Monday, May 31, 2010

BJ17 - Day 17 - Mon May 31 - Ahemdabad to Ratanpur

BJ17 - Day 17 - Mon May 31 - Ahemdabad to Ratanpur

6.30 am/7.15pm/7.30 pm/125/15/60%/1860 /7L /30-39-42-43

nice and pleasent rides - entered rajasthan

did two rides - with a nap break at himatnagar30052010(009)       

nice road - 4 lane with a nice shoulder - low traffic - during the
first ride there were fields on both sides - tree lined too - but not
the shadey variety but the thorny kind - pleasent rides both ones -
road had a overall laid back feeling - one of the best patches30052010(008)

not good sleep last night - room hot due to not using ac - feeling
sleepy in the first ride - all other params ok - electrlyte/ potass
bal almost restored - decided to take a nap break at himatnagar -
slept from 12.30 to 3.00 - like a log - felt very refreshed30052010(007)

started at 3.30 - aimed for shamalji, a religious town right near the
border - temp was 46 stationary but riding temp at 42/43 - roads empty
- heat loss at peak shape - did it at a nice pace - farms becoming
less and less and landscape becoming arid -hill range towards the end
- maybe the mewar hills - stopped at shamalji - rooms available at
hotel mangalmurthy - saw the rooms - nice ones - got info that lots
of hotels there at ratanpur also and falls in rajasthan - 10 km away
so decided to go thr - feeling pretty refreshed at ride end also -
room temp without ac around 38 but feeling much more comfortable today30052010(006)
- if discomfort then will put on ac but keep temp at 30

overall capacity significantly up - not bothered by inclines / head
winds - incline/ head wind tech has got fairly finetuned - much
higher cruising speeds - the ralco nylons are also making a
perceptible diff - stopped at one of the amul factories and half litre
of buttermulk - only unsalted

hotel kingfisher - ac 950 - neat and clean rooms - marble flooring -
beer avlble - lots of folks from gujrat seem to come here for that
since gujrat supposed to be dry state30052010(004)

pretty much flat road / slight decline for first half - 2nd half was
slightly rolling - foothills kind - but overall

wind remained cross / diag tail - will prefer that to a tail - good
for heat loss - tail aids speeds but seems to impair heat loss30052010(002)

continued with bell/ arru a few times a day - first few botls plain
and then with pinch of salt - had a botl of electral at himatnagar and
then 2 botls at ratanpur at ride end - had food immedietly30052010(001)

food was nothing grt today - maintained food and water discipline -
mini meal every 2 to 2.5 hrs - tea break every hour or less - water
intake at just a wee bit above exact - well stocked munchy bag with
juices, buttermilk, buscuits, energy bar,tofee - will restock again on
the way - speed not compromised as cruising speeds are higher - long30052010
range tours will need a diff op rhythm

tomm going towards udaipur 110 km away

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