Monday, May 24, 2010

BJ10 - Day 10 - Mon May 24 - Pune to Panvel

BJ10 - Day 10 - Mon May 24 - Pune to Panvel

7.45 am/5.30 pm/6.15pm/130/16.5/40%/1145

easy ride - easier than pune one

overall descent 20% - small inclines / hill tops on the way

felt good to know the way about a big city and how to connect to the highway

having quick meals every 2 hrs or so - need to keep that discipline
for a comfortable ride

new tyres really smooth - can feel the diff - also kept it fully
inflated - new threads helped on rough patches / rubble - should have
got tyre / tube changed bef only - pune mechanics grt - a 10 yr old
kid fixed up my cycle - got the chain adj rigt at first shot - a
little tricky given the frame out - the guy didnt take extra money -
even the mechanic who fixed up the hande today morning didnt take the
extra money

restarted keeping a tube as backup - fully inflated tyres and heat -
tube bust possible

the golden highway from satara onwards not as nice as the one in
karnataka - small shoulder - lot of rubble there - but still
comfortable and nothing like the 63 - need to see how the #8 is

descent till kamshet - kamshet to lonavala seemed like an ascent - the
khopil ghat descent is a long and steep one - and is the expressway
itself - super fast descent - small tunnel on the way - no need for
night rig - probably 200 mts

lonavala was a plesent 35-37 - khopoli was direct heat - peak at 41 -
heat loss was in top shape - didnt feel anything - lots of water -
sweat low salt in morning and by end of ride was near zero salt -
panvel humid

peak heat cycle changing - quick up and quick down

wind direction west to east - consistenty from blr - so when road
direction becomes west wind becomes a head wind - other wise cross -
got used to wind - slows speed but helps cool down

glove lost on way - jamun lady pointed that tucked in side

dal roti dhaba charged 50 rs - probably diff rate for diff ppl

stopped at a shady bar for water - didnt realize - made a quick exit -
guy appreciative - gave free watermelon

all previous aches / pains ok - rt leg lat pl fac pain there though -
slight one - need to fix and work on foot position - was more careful
today with the foot position - slight abrasion starting to happen on
groin side - vaseline helped

roamed around in panvel town after check in - cant recognize from
previous bombay cycling trips - bustling town - lots of wholesellers
-very few eating joints / hotels compared to size of city

panchavati hotel - ac room - 1100 - ok types - a little dingy feel -
lodge converted to hotel

tomorrow will cross bombay and pick up #8 near bhayander - will need
to halt near gujrat border

leave early hopefully - so that eve is relaxed and time to roam around

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