Friday, May 28, 2010

BJ14 - Day 14 - Fri May 28 - Bharuch to Baroda

   BJ14 - Day 14 - Fri May 28 - Bharuch to Baroda

7.45 am/12.00 pm/12.30 pm/45/18/80%/1590 /3L /35-38-40

3.45 p/5.45 pm/6.00pm/35/20/20%/1625 /3L /41-41-43 /

a fantastic recovery ride

as expected, not fully recovered in the morning - a little funny
feeling still there - a light ride should help - kept all options
open incl backtrak on veh if yellow flags

was rehydrating with electral since the night before

first ride kept light - tail wind made easy28052010

within the first hour realized dehydration thr - probly becos of all
sodas and electrolyte imbalance - continued with electral - felt a
little better - by around 11 pm when temp started touching 40 and
direct sun, realized that heat loss not working - yellow flags thr -
decided to take a temp halt or go back - put ac on full blast -
stopped at palej - restocked on electral - no lodge thr - continued
with full ac on - wanted to check out karnej- seemed like lodge town -
with cash at sbi atm - found a restaurant cum lodge - truckers cum
family kinds - non ac rs 250 - hotel moti mahal - room ok - was taking
belladona since the night before - continued - cold compress with
socks - tried to sleep - light sleep - but in just two or so hours
felt nice and recovered - started browsing for baroda hotels /reviews
- decided on ginger28052010(001)

bot ittar at the restrt shop - for destinking in public areas - small
bottles and strong fragrance

2nd ride - shade temp 40 - outside temp 43 - had felt good enough to
catch the peak of the peak heat cycle so decided to leave at 3.30
instead of 4.30 - knew that peak heat cyle steeper at the edges this
side - within the first few mins realized that recovery was near
complete - all lactic gone- all funny feeling gone - feeling fully
charged up by the sun and the heat - avg temp at 41-42 consistent peak
at 43 - fair amt of humidity - heat loss kicked in and was at peak -
picked up tune and whistled all the way to baroda - strong tail wind -
just had to sit and point - and watch the landscape and the ppl trvlg
wrapped up from head to toe - 25 km in an hr and was on outskirts -
resisted temptationto sprint and to go alittle more towards abad -
dont want to risk recovery - the navsari ride must have been around
30 - next 10 km city ride took an hr - looked around the city - lot of
cultural stuff - middle aged lady in car waved to stop - gave a
granola bar

ginger hotel - ac 2500 - washed up and had cold cofee and sandwich -
started feeling funny again sitting in the ac lounge - then it stuck
that ac not suiting me high temp rides post pune - and hindering with
heat loss mech and recovery - prespiration supressed - room windows
sealed up - reqst and got them opened - in the meantime went out for
walk and felt better - non ac room feels good - chilled cold drinks
from the room fride taste better

maintce guy for ac fixing asked if i m the cycle wallah - hv seen this
grapevine thing happen all the time - one guy find and everybody in
hotel and restrt gets to know28052010(003)

buffet at ginger - nothing grt - will stick to guj/kathiwadi thalis

guard at ginger from jslmr - took info shortest route via mehsana -
palanpur - only 2 lane route and many palces only single lane- lot of
padyatris this time - lot of bus and truck traffic also - very strong
south to north winds and dust storms - 1/2 lane doesnt sound appealing
- unlikely to go - will mostly continue on udaipur - ajmer - jaipur
route -

might take a full break tomm -a week now frm the last break - felling
fully charged up to go non stop - but need to take care of metabolic
imbalances - internal systems going wonky past few days - opertg
outside the nornal range - better to play safe and ride strong the
last week than risk cutting the tour short

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