Thursday, May 27, 2010

BJ13 - Day 13 - Thurs May 27 - Navsari to Bharuch

BJ13 - Day 13 - Thurs May 27 - Navsari to Bharuch

7.00 am/3.30 pm/3.45pm/115/14.5/70%/1545 /10L /30-35-39-42

a day of learnings and broken discipline

not fully recovered in morning - thot will do a recovery ride till
surat 45 kms - figured out that co2/lactic issue was actually low co2
due to hyperventilation due to consistent fast paced ride the day
before - significnt increase in stamina but co2 metabolism turned out
to be lagging

broke food dicipline - and paid for it later - had first meal after
2hrs - glucose bikis, a samosa and a tea - started feeling a little
better - had a litre of soda slowly to take care of co2 - immedietly
started feeling better - overdid the soda bit and consumed 5L of soda
/ cold drinks - feeling full and feeling good so didnt have any meal
throughout the ride - passed surat - continued to ankelashwar -
decided to continue to bharuch as there was tail wind and feeling good
- started to hit the wall due to food issue near bharuch - had the
remaining glucose bikis - heat loss in grt shape but used ac to reduce
calorie consumption for heat loss - found a good hotel and checked in
- didnt have food asap as per rule - major weakness happened - took a
couple of hours to recover after food - felt better only towards late
evening -

went down and had a kathiyawadi thali - not as good as the previous
kathiyawadi food27052010

barring the food issue, the ride was an easy one with diag tail / full
tail and a strong one that too

given the wind direction i.e westerly and the upcoming route direction
till baroda, expect to have full tail/ diag tail - baroda to ahbad
could be difficult with diag head/ full head - post ahbad if wind
direction remains same then the ride all the way till jaipur/ delhi
would be easy - with a bit of climbs around udaipur around mt abu area
- keeping jslmr open types due to likely shortage of days and becos it
is not connected by a golden higway but a regular NH - will need to
recce or be prepared for abortable rides / backtracking

good roads overall today - most of the way with well marked shoulder

hotel nyayamandir - ac 800 - ok room - old rooms - hotel getting
getting renovated - new ones are really nice but not yet operational

overall gujrat very religious - lots of larg temples and maths on the
way - nearly all restaurants have a small temple like areas

overall more prosperous also - very few of the dark, dingy truckers
kind of dhabas as in mah / kar / tn - truckers dhabas of the standard
of family restaurants - neat and clean - and the family restaurants
pretty classy

tomm will keep as a recovery ride - maybe till baroda - 80 kms - try
and start early and end early so that in top shape for the baroda
ahbad patch - might also consider a break day either at bharuch or
baroda or midway - will take a call tomorrow - dont think complete
recovery by tomm but dont forsee that as a constraint as long as
food/water discipline maintained

overall the ride till belgaum seemed to be an incline with mostly
cross winds / head winds and 1.5X of kanyakumari - while post belgaum
seemed to be an overall decline with combination of cross and tail
winds and similar or easier than kanyakunari - however the blr to
kanyakumari road has by far been the best till now with all 6 laning
over and well marked shoulders almost all the way

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