Saturday, May 29, 2010

BJ15 - Day 15 - Sat May 29 - Break at Baroda

BJ15 - Day 15 - Sat May 29 - Break at Baroda

a day of rest and catching up on pending items

yesterday night sleep not good - feeling hot - prespiring a lot which
was good - prespiration response seems to have got impaired with
staying in ac rooms - slept again in afternoon and good nap inspite
of heat and humidity but felt comfortable - good presp. again

in the morning bot misc items - vaseline, bandages, hand sanitizer,
etc - also restocked on homeo meds - last batch had leaked out/
evaporated - did some cycle maintce - had not done any the last time

in the eve took care of train canellations, mobile pyt, route checks
- not using the cafe here for card pyt due to sec isu - took Poulomi's
help for that

planning to rehydrate with electral end of every day - 1-3 botls
depending upon need - getting a feeling electrolyte balance likely to
be out of sync - will need to monitor

feeling good but somehow not getting a feeling of full recoup - today
night should do the trick - will come to know by tomm - planning to
take it easy and monitor parameters closely - might consider riding in
two rounds with a break in afternoon - feels good to hit the place of
halt in a refreshed state

jaisalmer plan is cancelled for this tour- those kind of roads will
need a diff tech and prep - distance coverage wud be reduced to two
thirds - might just do a rajasthan/ desert tour some time later

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