Sunday, May 30, 2010

BJ16 - Day 16 - Sun May 30 -Baroda to Ahemdabad

29052010(010)       BJ16 - Day 16 - Sun May 30 -Baroda to Ahemdabad

6.00 am/4.00 pm/4.00 pm/110/14/50%/1735 /6L /30-38-41-44

nice and comfortable ride

good recovery - started early - room temp was 35 - outside temp in
morning was 30 - felt like ac - kept up a good pace througout29052010(005)

most of the route was just 2 lane but with a decent shoulder - first
60 km or so was tree lined - felt nice - some 35 km from ahbad
expressway started - was a nice road - low traffic - traffic picked up
near the city29052010(004)

tea and bikis in morning - kerosine flavoured - kerosine burps - had
nice misa pav - dal bati - uttapa and masala dosa as soon as i checked
in and kathiyawadi lasoniya batata for dinner which was not good

sensing some gap in recovery - seems mostly like nutrient imbalance -
electrolytes - had not taken any electrolytes the first ten days - no
fruits and fresh veggies too - no tomato juice/ chavanprash as in blr
- most likely to be potassium defy plus misc other things - sodium wud
have got replenished but don29052010(001)e nothing for potass - decided to have
bananas, cucumber, tomatoes as in between snacks while riding - also
picked up chavanprash, fruit juices and buttermilk - started to have
water with a pinch of salt while riding - rounded that off with 2
botls of electral bottles in evening - planning to continue this
routine - diet will need to be more well rounded in longish tour with
special emphasis on electolyte bal due to loss in sweat and urine -
water intake keeping at near exact values and not overdoing as earlier
to contain loss due to urine29052010(009)

sweat non salty in morning - turned salty as soon as i started with salty water

kept the ride pace easy and at touring pace like in first week - had
started doing hard rides the second week - will keep it easy

continuying with bell and arru to aid recovery

hotel sohail palace - right on highway cum ring road - 750 - nice
place - good vfm29052010(003)

experimenting with not using ac - afternoon room temp at 40 -
uncomfortable - enjoy rides at 45 but lying still at 40 is
uncomfotable and not used to - might have to tweak that piece a bit29052010(008)

tomm will take a halt halfway between here and udaipur - could be
either side of border depending upon pace and accomodation

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