Thursday, May 20, 2010

BJ6 - Day 6 - Thurs May 20 - Kittur to Kohlapur

BJ6 - Thurs May 20 - Kittur to Kohlapur

6.00 am/8.45 pm/9.15pm/170/13.5/60%/765

nice long ride

subdued temp throughout due to a bit of cloud cover - sub 35 till 12
and between 35 to 40 thereafter

fair amt of incline till belgaum - with strong head winds - at one
point had to walk for a km or so - steep incline + strong head winds -
even walking was an effort

post belgaum it was an overall decline - rolling terrain - winds
remained strong throughout - but now they rotated between head - diag
head - cross - for half an hour it was a tail wind - was able to pick
up a bit of speed post belgaum

starting to get used to head winds and ride intensity

meal every 2 -3 hrs - last couple of hours did on glucose biscuits

intense ride due to rolling terrain and strong winds - sailboated mostly

can feel some strain on knees and palm of foot - intermittent sharp
pain in left foot lat pl fc - seems bone / tendon kind - gets ok with
change of posture will need to monitor

got dark by the time i reached kolhaur - had rigged myself up for night ride

sweat significantly non salty compared to bangalore rides /
kanyakumari - adaptation response
kicking in - took a long time - had stopped taking electrolytes since
the chennai ride

heat - fluid - electrolyte balance in grt shape - ride intensity a new variable

hotel sony palace - 1100 ac room - nice room

had a chicken thali at rasika palace nearby - good stuff

figured that i had lost my licence - need to call the previous hotels
- and also double check if photo debit card will work for flight -

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