Sunday, May 23, 2010

BJ9 - Day 9 - Sun May 23 - Satara to Pune

BJ9 - Day 9 - Sun May 23 - Satara to Pune

8.00 am/5.30 pm/7.45pm/125/16.5/60%/1015

nice easy ride

overall low wind - overall decline 10%

temp 40 by 1 - peak 43 - normal peak heat cycle - but drop faster
starting 3.30 - dry burning heat - heat loss sub par initially due to
improper rehydration day before - but picked up little later

near the end katraj ghat - small and easy incline - followed by a long
decline which continued right till swargate

had another puncture in morning - near pachwad village - got it
repaired - got both tyre tube replaced with ralco's tube and nylon
tyre- gulabchand closed but their son - rattan - gave ref of a

hotel woodland - 2500

went to king burger and some burgers parcelled

felt funny cycling into pune - from highway

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