Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BJ12 - Day 12 - Wed May 26 - Manor to Navsari

BJ12 - Day 12 - Wed May 26 - Manor to Navsari

6.30 am/5.30 pm/5.45pm/160/18.8/50%/1430 /16L /30-35-39-42 26052010(021)26052010(018)       

fast paced ride

feeling in top shape - last day good sleep helped - fully recovered in
morning - fast paced throughout the day - valsad was the destination
but came at 2 - continued to chikhali 25 km - came at 3.30 - continued26052010(014)
to navsari - 28 km - halted thr - fastest ever cruising till chikhali
- aerobic firing within 30 mins of start - compared to 2-3 hrs the
past week - due to good recovery - should have halted at chikhali -
navsari stretch very slow - felt funny - seems like co2/acid imbalance26052010(013)
due to prolonged fast pace26052010(012)

heat loss at peak - afternoon temp 39 avg - didnt feel a thing - near
watery sweat right since beginning - drank lots of water26052010(008)

low cross wind till valsad - valsad to chikhali was tail wind - esp
the last 15 km - due to change of route direction - didnt have to do
- cycle went on its own - till chikhali was the easiest and the
fastest paced ride / crusing ever

another day of good food - vada pav in morning - tamata pe eedo at
hotel ahura - bhareli baingan kathyiwasi style - mcdonald - masala
uttapa with potato mixed - ended just now with a kathiyadi thali with
surti undhiyi, sev tamata, alu plak and nice sweet and spicy kadhi -
lots of good food places on the way - most serve alcohol - decent
places too - good places to hv a chilled beer at some othjer time -
will probably put on weight

hotel supreme - super dlx ac room - just 850 - grt value for money - new hotel26052010(004)

roads better in gujrat - 6 lanes and being concerted to 4 lane it
seems from all the work going on - irb doing all of it in todays
stretch - at a massive scale

keeping destination open for tomm depending upon co2/acid balance recovery26052010(002)

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Anonymous said...

bhareli baingan
Its a 'kathiyawadi' style not a

btw u need to journey around saurathra/kathiyawaad region

pls note my mail id :

-bharat parmar