Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BJ4 - Day 4 : Change of route

Changed route - old route was via bijapur - solapur - aurangabad -
indore - ratlam - udaipur onwards

new route - wil stick to the nice golded quad highways - nh4 to bombay
and then nh8 to udaipur via ahemadabad

didnt realize that the non golden highways could be so bad - primarily
from cycling point of view - most of the long rides have been on
golden quads - new experience

the old highways quality seem to range from average to bad - no
shoulder - poor facilities on the way - water issue - heavy truck
traffic on arterial highways - used to wonder where are all the trucks
which are supposed to carry the significant portion of the country's
cargo - found out now- only small villages on the way - surprisingly
found most of the truck driving fairly disiplined - two types of honks
- gentle reminder vs. Get out of the way - from a hundred or so mts
away - anyways dont need that since have gotten used to it - cardinal
rules never of highway cycling never fails

have got spoilt with the golden - 2 to 3 lane each side - wide
shoulder for cycling - plenty food and botteled water - police patrols
- NHAI patrols - largish cities on the way - emergency phone booths -
dunno if they work though - hospitals - comparitively far lesser truck
trafic - maybe due to tolls but lot of commuter traffic - i find that
more unpredictable though - they almost seem to be made for cycling

decided to connect to go on to hubli and connect on to nh4

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