Sunday, May 16, 2010

BJ2 - 16th May - Tumkur to Chitradurga

BJ2 - 16th May - Tumkur to Chitradurga

6 am/4.30 pm/5.30pm/135/14/50%

comfortable ride - overall 7% incline - was doing 20 kmph initially -
but slowed down as slight strain on knee - need to keep the first week
as warm up

20 km - 4% inc / 40 km - 2% dec/ 60 km - 5% inc / near the end 5 km of
steady 25% inc

temp was cool in general - cloud cover till 1.30 - temp ranged from 24
to 35 during that time - peak heat at 42 after that - felt a little
recharged after the cool weather in the first half - cool breeze also

slight palm strain - put a padding

can feel the beginnings of butt pain - will use vaseline and reinforce
with seat / butt padding if needed - holding pretty well given that
its a thin seat cover -the extra fat deposits over the past few months
seem to have helped - anyways, had trained with the same seat cover

had alu paratha for breakfast - parceled from last day - meal 2 at
9.30 near Sira - khushka (sort of fried rice) with daal both steaming
hot - meal 3 at 12.30 near hiriyur - same thing but with an additional
chicken gravy - both cost rs 10 and had more rice than - could eat -
meal 4 after check in - masala dosa - ok types

took an hour to find hotel - got room in aishwarya fort non ac - rs
575 - very neat and clean

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