Saturday, May 22, 2010

BJ8 - Day 8 - Sat May 22 -Kolhapur to Satara

BJ8 - Day 8 - Sat May 22 -Kolhapur to Satara

7.30 am/7.15 pm/7.45pm/125/14.5/60%/890

easy enough ride - good steady robust cruising - long breaks took up time

had nice poha at hotel for bfast - good tea also - last day had lots
of mutton /tambda rassa

rolling terrain - overall decline 10% - cross wind all the way -
sailboated - 2.5 km fairly steep incline at end followed by a long
decline straight into city

puncture - old one got bigger - patch didnt work - went to village
nearby to get tube changed - need to reconsider backup tube - need to
lighten up even more

kashil village - nice folks - felt comfortable even with their ques -
good mechanic

misal pav for meal one - after that a meal every 3 hrs - last few hrs
on glucose bikis

fast paced towards end to ensure city before dark - got before dark -
nice bustling city

all aches pains ok - crotch stuff healed -wrist and butt - didnt feel
anything after ride end - next level of adaptn setting in - knee fine

hotel maharaja residency - non ac - 1500 - got hot water for the first time

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