Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BJ11 - Day 11 - Tue May 25 - Panvel to Manor

BJ11 - Day 11 - Tue May 25 - Panvel to Manor

7.0 am/4.0 pm/4.30pm/125/17/50%/1270 /12L /35-37-39-42

nice fast paced ride

overall a decline - with low wind / tail wind

day of good food - morn sample pav and vada at a homely ladies shop
little before thane - then fulka and lasuni25052010(001) alo at a kathyiawadi  dhaba
- for free - appreciative of yatra - said didnt charge for yatris -
gave a tip to stay overnight at kathiyawadi dhaba - next meal at ride      
end at hotel vegas - bajra roti and baingan bharta

panvel to thane was a crowded ride - couldnt recognize - new stations
at koparkhairane etc - new bldgs - city has expanded - road wider -
belly of flyovers cleaner

passed via thane talav pali - connected to ghorbunder road - new one -
like an express way

nh8 is not as nice as nh4 - shoulder not there or not marked at most
places - but adequately wide - overall ok - need to focus a little
more due to no shldr - kathiyawadi guys said gujrat patch is far

tail / diag tail most of way - overall decline esp after nallasopara
- seemed like a slight incline till then - easy ride - new nylon 25052010(002)
tyres with full inflation working out grt - makes for an easier ride

foot palm rt leg issue much better - vaseline on butt/ groin as safety

humid all the way till ghorbunder - then humidity started coming down
fast - temp comfortable - intermittantly it was direct burning heat -
peak at 42 - was 35 at 6.30 am and 40 by 10 - therafter remained betwn
38-40 on avg - heat loss in top shape - sweat v.low salt right since

was planning to go till kasakhurd, but had misjudged distance -
decided to halt at manor - pl25052010(004)anng to ride end by 4.30 going fwd as far
as possible - tomorrow maybe valsad depending on terrain and timings

start early - sleep all ok - but getting up early morning diff - shud
hv trained for it

hotel vegas - ac 1500 - nice place - hot water - lots of lodged/
hotels in manor compared to apparant size of place25052010(014) 25052010(013) 25052010(012) 25052010(011) 25052010(010) 25052010(009) 25052010(008) 25052010(006)

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